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Capitalizing on our long-established Asian network, Krisland Products is in the pivotal position to work with Canadian food producers who would love to experience growth through exports to Vietnam.

A large variety of Canadian products has already been introduced to Vietnam, including table potatoes (Russet Burbanks, Round Whites, Reds, Yellows, Blues and Fingerlings), frozen potatoes (skin-on and skinless, pre-cooled or frozen, cold stored and shipped) and apples (Gala, Ambrosia and Honeycrisp).

With Canada’s outstanding reputation for world-class food products and a population nearing one hundred million, Vietnam offers massive opportunities for Canadian agricultural products. This is your opportunity to entrust your products to Krisland Products for shipment to Vietnam, or you might wish to sell them to us right here in Canada.

Leave all the details to us

From the moment you partner with Krisland Products, your products will be taken care of by our experience and expertise to pick up your cargo, arrange proper packaging, handle all documentation, clearance enroute and delivery to the designated destination.

Reach customers directly

Because we already have a strong presence in Vietnam, Krisland Products can offer just-in-time delivery, directly to customer premises from bonded warehouses inside the country. Clear and consistent communication leaves no detail untouched.

Relax with every shipment

Krisland Products’ integrated control system guarantees you stay informed about your request, at every step of the process from pickup to delivery.

Discover the ALTERNATIVE WAY to deliver your shipments economically and quickly. And at absolutely no risk to you!
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